What Does NABCEP Stand for, and Why Does It Matter?

NABCEP stands for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. It is the most widely known and recognized certification organization for professionals in the renewable energy industry. This organization creates and upholds a standard by which energy industry companies can measure employee performance. It helps to evaluate potential new hires, assess existing employees, analyze job performance, and much more.

At Renova Energy, our Coachella Valley solar installation team is proud to employ NABCEP members, upholding the organizational standards of performance, knowledge, and innovation. This ensures that our customers, homeowners and business owners alike, can have faith in our promise to provide the most recent energy system options for their homes or offices.

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Choose Quality with Companies that Uphold NABCEP Standards

As a company with NABCEP-certified employees, Renova Energy can remain up-to-date on all the most recent advanced technical training. This certification also binds us to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, ensuring our company’s integrity.

With NABCEP certification, a potential employee stands out above the rest regarding dedication to their industry. This certification also increases the value of existing employees and allows them to remain relevant in education and field experience. The organization provides resources that increase skillsets and offer growth in knowledge for employees so that they are continually evolving assets to their company.

Why is NABCEP Important When Choosing Your Solar Company

A solar energy company that employs team members who are NABCEP certified can be trusted to deliver the best in products, services, and customer satisfaction guarantees, backed by the organization that sets the industry’s standards.

Unfortunately, not all companies place value on employees being certified. However, by choosing a company backed by NABCEP, such as Renova Energy, you can expect the company to offer:

  • The most up-to-date skill in technology and installation
  • The highest standard of professionalism and ethics
  • Enforced industry certification standards of customer service (the only existing enforceable industry code of ethics)
  • Continued adherence to NABCEP standards to maintain certification status

NABCEP certification is not required by state or federal agencies, so companies that employ NABCEP certified employees go above and beyond to provide the best in solar energy services.

Renova Energy: Your Trusted Solar Energy System Installers

Renova Energy provides the best solar energy products, battery storage, installation techniques, and customer service. We know the importance of innovation and evolution in our industry and are proud to utilize the resources afforded by NABCEP. With employees who place value on growth and learning, Renova stays on the pulse of change and grows with it. It’s no wonder Renova Energy is the first solar company to earn this accreditation, and still, there are only 11 others who have earned this accreditation in the nation.

For workmanship and products you can rely on for decades to come, call the team of Coachella Valley energy experts at Renova Energy. We are here to help you bring your home or office into the future with solar energy panels and battery storage.

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By Published On: September 18, 2022

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