When it comes to running a successful business, there’s typically one common goal in mind: Make sure the customers are happy! Aside from providing top-tier services, high-quality products, and time efficiency, research is now showing that customers are attracted to and more dedicated to brands, companies, and businesses that place a greater emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainability.

In fact, according to an article published by Forbes, “96% of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling or buying ethically, can make a difference. And over half believe that they personally can make a big difference.” While this is great news for our beautiful earth and the way we hope to preserve it, this offers a whole different level of awareness to business owners and companies alike—and our team at Renova Energy is here for it!

The Public May Be More In-Tune with “Going Green” Than We Think!

While there will always be an emphasis on great customer service and other deliverables, it may be time for companies to consider how they do business internally—and this might mean making sure they are taking care of the earth as much as their customers are or would like to! A survey issued by IBM and the National Retail Federation concluded the following:

  • More than half of the 3,500 North Americans who responded to the survey stated they are prepared to change their shopping habits to reduce negative impacts on the environment.
  • Even more surprising, nearly 80% of North Americans want to understand the origin of the products they purchase and use.
  • And 69% state they are willing to pay a premium for brands that provide such information.

With that said, shoppers may be more in-tuned with their carbon footprints than we think! As such, companies and businesses may see an increase in sales of goods and services by making “greener decisions.”

So, How Can I Make My Business a Green One?

One of the biggest ways a business can go green is in the way they use energy. By minimizing the amount of fossil fuels used to run a business, a business can immediately reduce its carbon footprint. By switching from traditional energy sources to solar energy via a solar panel system backed by a solar battery energy storage system, a business can not only reduce their use of fossil fuels, but they can also boast a more positive, eco-friendly image that supports social and environmental issues that are becoming more and more important every day.

Let’s Not Forget How Much Business Can Save By Switching to Solar

By making the switch to solar, a business can immediately increase its bottom line by minimizing costly overhead attributed to energy costs. In fact, on average, businesses reduce their overall energy costs by 75% when they switch to solar energy! With those savings, business owners can reinvest that money into more important areas of business.

Renova Energy Wants the Earth AND Your Business to Win

Are you considering making the switch to solar for your business? Our Coachella Valley commercial solar installation team is here to help. Ask about a $0 down loan with an extended first payment and shorter-term lease options so you can get to saving and minimizing your business’ carbon footprint! The way we see it—it’s a win-win for all!

Get in touch with our commercial solar team in the Coachella Valley! Renova Energy is ready to help!

By Published On: July 19, 2021

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