Post-rooftop solar installation is pretty simple: start generating all that power from the sun! Though performing solar panel maintenance on your solar system isn’t something you’ll need to worry about too often, there is a level of solar service you can expect from our company, Renova Energy, through our service department, RenovaPLUS.

What is RenovaPLUS?

RenovaPLUS is our in-house division here at Renova Energy that provides solar maintenance in the Coachella Valley for any type of panel or solar system, including those installed by companies other than Renova Energy.

Why is Solar Panel Maintenance Needed?

Even the most efficient solar panels need maintenance occasionally. Over time, dust, debris, bird droppings, and other pollutants can start to coat your system, obstructing the light from the sun that your panels use to make energy and interfering with your production. With RenovaPLUS, you can sign up for regular cleanings to help maintain the efficiency of your panels, which translates to a more cost-effective system!

Our Coachella Valley solar maintenance experts at RenovaPLUS are also available to perform an analysis of your system, empowering you to understand its production better and make more informed decisions. These inspections include identifying common issues and giving you recommendations to prevent any future system malfunctions.

Additionally, if you ever need to reposition your system, add panels, repair your system, or replace your solar equipment, ReovaPLUS is there to help.  Since our service team is highly experienced in working with a variety of solar manufacturers, we will also make sure that your warranty is maintained whenever we make any repairs or changes to your system.

Our Coachella Valley Solar Professionals Can Help You Achieve Energy Independence!

At Renova Energy, our mission doesn’t end with helping you go solar and achieve energy independence. With RenovaPLUS, we make sure that our customers continue to receive stellar service well after solar panel installation so that they can get the most out of their systems and maintain their peace of mind.

Ready to let RenovaPLUS maintain and improve the effectiveness of your solar panel system? Contact us today! We are here to help.

By Published On: August 21, 2023

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