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Solar Solutions for Your Home with Renova Energy

Solar panel power and energy-saving solutions are growing in popularity, and the options are increasing as well. Renova Energy can help you find the perfect solar option for your home, no matter what kind of roof you have. Solar energy panels and power storage systems can create independence from the grid of electricity and help your home stay moving when everywhere else goes down in an emergency.

Contact Renova Energy for Coachella Valley solar energy solutions for every type of home. Our team can help your family stay comfortable all year long.

Roofing Types and How Solar Is Installed

Renova Energy can install solar panels on several types of roofs, including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Clay tiles
  • Slate tiles
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rubber

Installation of different materials will be specific to each one. Although some are better suited to solar panels than others, there are ways to incorporate solar systems, no matter the material of your roof. The main concern is the safety of the installers and ease of installation.

Factors that determine installation may include the pitch of the roof, ideally 30-40 degrees. A pitch of more than 40 degrees can cause a decrease in efficiency while also being potentially dangerous for installers. A flat roof is still suitable for solar panels, although the flat roof will require brackets that can angle the panels to absorb the sun.

Installation of different materials goes as follows:

  • Asphalt shingles: Solar panels attach with standard penetrating brackets and mounts, drilling studs into the roof.
  • Slate, concrete, or clay tile: Tiles, including Spanish clay tiles, are typically removed and then replaced after solar mounts are installed. Metal hooks and flashing are bolted to the roof below the tiles before the tiles are replaced. For some tiles, installers will drill through the tile to install.
  • Wood: Solar panels are installed by drilling into the roof studs and placing flashing under the wood tiles. Installers need to pay attention to the age and state of the wood roofing.
  • Metal: Installers can utilize the standing metal seams for mounts to be clamped directly to the existing roofing. For corrugated metal, installers would drill holes into the standing roof material.
  • Flat concrete or rubber: For flat roofs, panels are installed on metal brackets or racks that prop up the panels to the best position.

Coachella Valley Solar Power Systems

Whether your roof is wood, clay, or metal, Renova Energy can work with you to create a solar panel system that fits. We understand the needs of our customers and want to be sure you are confident with your choice of panel and the stability of our installation. Let our team of Coachella Valley installers help your family become independent from the power grid.

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By Published On: June 26, 2020

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