Our Palm Springs solar installation team is here to explain the new DCE Program that is new to Palm Springs. Learn how Renova Energy can help you save!

With the goal of providing residents with a cleaner source of electricity, Desert Community Energy (DCE) is now the electricity provider for residents and businesses in Palm Springs. With a goal of prioritizing the reduction of greenhouse emissions, customers have all been enrolled in DCE, while Southern California Edison (SCE) will continue to deliver the electricity, maintain the grid, and provide customer service and billing.

Now, while everyone has been placed on the cleanest energy option (Carbon-Free plan) at a slightly higher cost than SCE, individuals can switch to a slightly less clean energy option (Desert Saver Mix) and save a bit compared to SCE. Customers can easily change from the Carbon-Free plan to the Desert Saver mix by visiting this website or by calling (855) 357-9240 during regular business hours.

In regard to solar and 100% clean power, DCE is a big proponent and supports customers who already have or want to have solar installed. As such, DCE has a net metering program and will pay for any excess power a system generates at the end of each 12-month timeframe at the same rate customers would get with SCE. However, for those who already have solar energy, this will occur in May 2021 because a “true-up” was done when the transition to DCE was made. At that point, customers will either receive a check or a bill, depending on whether or not the customer used more or less power than the system made. If a person does not yet have solar, the person’s true-up is 12 months after the system is commissioned and running.

Our Coachella Valley Solar Team Can Save You More

At Renova Energy, we are all for cleaner energy, too! Desert Community Energy’s premium product, which is carbon-free, is 50% renewable and 100% carbon-free. Our standard product, Desert Saver, is 35% renewable. With that said, if you do not yet have solar and would like to go one step further and create power that is 100% clean at a great rate, it’s time to explore solar installation in Palm Springs. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Solar provides 100% clean generated electricity.
  • Solar provides electricity that is substantially less expensive than SCE or DCE.
  • There are multiple programs available, including $0 down, free installation (lease or loan), and fixed payments that will be lower than your current or future average electric bill (lease) or terms you choose (loan).
  • Renova Energy only uses SunPower solar panels from an American company
  • Our engineering and design is the most highly-rated local solar company in the Coachella Valley and the first in the nation to be accredited by NABCEP.

Ready to start saving? Contact our solar installation team at Renova Energy right away. One of our team members can explain your options and set up a consultation for a FREE quote!

By Published On: June 29, 2020

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