If you have a solar panel system or have considered having one added to your home or business, it’s important to learn about how a battery system can keep you and your family safe during a power outage. Read more!

When it comes to discussions around solar panel systems, batteries are often brought up as a significant part of the conversation. The real question is, “What do they do, and should I get one?” In short, it is important to know that if a power outage occurs, your solar panel system will stop producing electricity.

Here are some additional questions and answers to help you decide if a battery system is right for your home or business:

Do I Need to Have Solar in Order To Get a Battery?

Not exactly, but solar energy is what recharges the battery each day. Without it, you will have the initial power from the battery for about 10 hours with a normal load, but after that, the battery will not be able to power anything anymore.

Can I Add a Battery If I Already Have a Solar Panel System?

Yes, a battery can be added at any time and to just about any system. Batteries can also be installed at the same time a new solar panel system is being installed.

How Many Batteries Would It Take to Power My Whole Home As Usual?

For an average size home, three batteries can typically support an air conditioning unit and most other loads.

Are There Any Rebates or Incentives for Solar Panel Batteries Right Now?

Currently, there is a rebate from Southern California Edison for $2,300 for each battery for the first two, and the rebate increases to $2,900 each if you purchase three. However, the rebate amounts are only valid until the total amount of money in that tier is exhausted. Then, another tier opens, and the rebate amount drops. Additionally, if you install the battery(ies) at the same time as the solar panel system, both batteries are eligible for the 26% Federal Tax Credit. If a battery is added to an existing system, your accountant can advise you in regards to claiming the tax credit.

Let Renova Energy Safeguard Your Home or Business During a Power Outage

At Renova Energy, we want our customers to have peace of mind 24/7. Whether that means protecting your home or office, we are here to help. Call our Coachella Valley solar installation team today, and let us help you preserve safety and peace of mind!

By Published On: March 13, 2020

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