Determining Solar Energy Needs in Kilowatt Hours

Solar energy panel output and the converted solar power energy are measured in watts produced by each solar panel. The sum of the electronic pull of your household’s appliances and electronics, combined with all other smaller items plugged in for power, will be calculated using your electric bill or the appliance ratings to determine how much solar energy you need.

To understand these calculations and how much solar power your home will use, you’ll need to understand the meaning of kilowatts and kilowatt hours. With a better understanding of how energy is measured, you can make an informed decision about how and when you use power and how solar energy can change your home’s pull on the grid.

Making the switch to solar energy gives you the freedom to use power when and how you choose, despite rising energy prices or power outages. Let the Coachella Valley solar energy professionals at Renova Energy help you choose the perfect solar energy system for your home. Don’t worry about power outages, high energy prices, or energy usage again with solar power systems installed by Renova Energy.

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What Are Kilowatts?

Watts, or wattage, is the power drawn via “plugging in” to a power source. Watts measure the amount of electricity needed to power the item, appliance, or working thing that is plugged into the source. With this in mind, kilowatts are a measure of watts, equaling 1,000 watts. Kilowatts are typically used to measure higher pulls of energy, including the amount of energy needed to power appliances, HVAC systems, and more.

Kilowatts are used to designate how much power an appliance uses when performing its general function so that you can determine how much power it will use overall. Whether you are installing solar power panels or are working to understand how much energy you are using to run standard household appliances, you will learn that kilowatts are the measure most used with larger items.

What Are Kilowatt Hours?

Kilowatt-hours measure the amount of time it takes an appliance or item to use the average amount of kilowatts needed for the function it performs. It is the amount of electrical energy used over a period of time.

For example, the length of time a dishwasher, clothing washer, or dryer takes to complete one full cycle and the kilowatts of power it takes to complete the cycle. These combined measures are kilowatt-hours.

To calculate kilowatt hours, multiply the appliance power rating (kilowatts used to perform its primary function) by the amount of time it takes to complete one full cycle of that function, then divide by 1000. This number can be utilized to understand the overall pull of energy in kilowatts or kilowatt hours used by your appliances and electronics in a day, week, or month.

Coachella Valley Energy Solutions with Renova Energy

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By Published On: August 5, 2022

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