Renova Energy has once again dominated the solar market on both a state and national level!

PALM DESERT, CA, July 23, 2021 – Solar Power World has released its annual Top Solar Contractors List for solar installations, and Renova Energy is holding strong as one of the top solar companies in the nation, ranking in the top 10 against other statewide residential installers.

“We are so incredibly fortunate that not only has the technology in solar and battery storage advanced quickly, but homeowners and business owners have really started to invest in green energy in huge numbers, and it shows,” said Vincent Battaglia, CEO and Founder of Renova Energy Corporation. “Our company managed to grow in the face of what could have been a massive economic downturn for the solar industry. We now have 225 employees.” This is due, at least in part, to Renova Energy’s seamless transition to virtual consultations, in-house COVID-19 testing, and opportunities for employees to work remotely.

“Not even the COVID-19 closures and slowdowns could prevent the solar industry from installing fantastic numbers last year,” said Kelly Pickerel, Editor-in-Chief of Solar Power World. “Our team is so glad to recognize over 400 companies on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list that not only survived a pandemic but thrived in spite of it.” Based on the previous year’s data, the number of kilowatts installed overall has skyrocketed, and Renova Energy has been named the #9 residential solar installer in California.

Overall, the U.S. solar industry grew 43% in 2020, installing more solar panels on homes and businesses across the country than any other year on record. The residential market saw an 11% increase, which is remarkable considering the difficulties of maneuvering home solar projects through pandemic precautions. The extension of the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) at 26% for solar installations certainly helped incentivize customers to transition to clean energy. After installing 19.2 GW in 2020, research firm Wood Mackenzie expects the U.S. solar market to quadruple by 2030. With results like these, Renova Energy is setting the standard for the solar and battery storage future at the local, state, and national levels.

To learn more about the Top Solar Contractors list from Solar Power World, you can read all about their category breakdown here.

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By Published On: July 23, 2021

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