Just like the efficiency of solar panels has advanced tremendously in recent years, so have battery storage systems made specifically to be paired with solar power. That’s why our team works diligently to inform homeowners and business owners of all the potential savings solar panels, and solar battery storage systems can provide. It’s no wonder that Renova Energy is the leading Certified Installer for Tesla Powerwalls in the Coachella Valley and the surrounding areas—among other battery storage solutions!

Renova Energy Provides Quality Solar Battery Systems That are Built to Last!

In 2008, our Coachella Valley solar battery installation team installed our first battery at the cultural center for the Cahuilla Indian tribe. Thirteen years later and it’s still running strong, But let’s take a closer look at how the battery has evolved for solar storage.

How the Solar Battery Came to Be

In the early 1950s, Russell Ohl, a semiconductor researcher, discovered that sunlight striking a thin slice of silicon would produce unexpectedly large numbers of free electrons, creating the opportunity for electric generation. By 1954, scientists at Nokia Bell Laboratories (founded by none other than Alexander Graham Bell) unveiled the first modern solar cell using a silicon semiconductor to convert light into electricity. The basis of this photovoltaic (also known as PV) technology is still used in existing solar panels today. These crucial discoveries were soon combined so that silicon could be placed in sunlight to capture free electrons and turn them into electrical currents.

But this groundbreaking discovery brought a new question to light: Could this electrical current be stored for later use? The answer led to the very first solar battery, sometimes known as a solar storage device. The first battery storage device converted only 6% of the sunlight into useful energy to be used later, leading many people to wonder whether the technology was useful at all. Today, using the same technology, one Tesla Powerwall can store up to 10 hours of electricity generated from the solar panels on the roof of your home or business.

Let Renova Energy Be Your Guide to a Future Full of Savings (& a Smaller Carbon Footprint)

Interested in learning more about how battery storage can benefit you and our planet? Our leading battery storage experts in the Coachella Valley are eager to help you start saving BIG. We know that making the decision to go solar or add to your solar energy system can seem like a daunting task, so we stand ready to make the process easier!

Reach out to one of our certified Energy Consultants today, and let us answer any questions you might have!

By Published On: July 6, 2021

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