Southern California Edison is Raising Rates Yet Again! Learn Why and What You Can Do to Save on Costly Monthly Bills that Continue to Increase!

After a long legal battle in 2020, Southern California Edison (SCE) has been permitted to raise its rates on homes and businesses in their jurisdiction. What does that look like for you? Prepare for an increase of 14% for residential rates, while commercial rates are estimated to rise by 10%. Learn more about the thorough breakdown of the rate increases here and view the notice directly from SCE.

Today, our Coachella Valley solar installation team at Renova Energy is here to explain exactly what you need to know!

Why Are My Rates Going Up Again?

The short answer is that SCE served a request for recovery of its 2018 through 2019 wildfire mitigation efforts. In total, it cost SCE around $809 million to inspect all overhead infrastructure located in what’s known as the High Fire Threat Areas (HFRA) specifically for wildfire-related risks. SCE also expanded its vegetation management program to help reduce wildfire risk and contracted expert consultants to assist in their wildfire mitigation activities and programs. The rate increases are also intended to cover costs associated with labor and maintaining the grid infrastructure. Remember all those rolling blackouts last summer? SCE’s equipment is another year older, meaning more repairs are anticipated to maintain the strain on the grid during the hottest part of the year.

How Can I Bring My Costs Down and Protect My Power?

This answer is even simpler: solar and battery storage. Installing a solar system will bring down your monthly electric costs with SCE’s net metering program (NEM). Through NEM, you are credited for the energy your solar panels produce at the same rate you would normally pay to Southern California Edison. Battery storage devices, when coupled with your solar system, allow you to essentially cut the cord from SCE by storing and then using the power your solar panels generate. Basically, if a rolling blackout hits this summer, your lights will stay on!

Ready to Go Solar to Avoid SCE’s Increases? Call Renova Energy

Our solar installation team in the Coachella Valley is ready to help you save on rising utility bills! If you are considering solar, get in touch with the team that cares today. Switching to solar might be more affordable than you think—just ask the experts!

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By Published On: February 2, 2021

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