Have a solar system or are you considering one? Great! But the solar revolution doesn’t stop at harnessing sunlight; it extends to storing this power for later use. By adding solar battery storage, you’re not just generating clean energy; you’re managing it smartly to maximize your savings and provide resiliency during outages. Here’s how solar battery storage can be a game-changer in terms of financial, environmental, and comfort levels.

1. Financial Incentives:

Currently, SCE’s residential customers will receive $150 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy storage they install. That means a 10-kWh solar battery would qualify for a $1,500 rebate. Those in high-fire-risk areas or who qualify for low-income or other criteria could receive even more. And for everyone, the price of installation will be even lower with the 30% federal tax credit taken into account. Applying for the SGIP rebate is easy, as generally, the installer of your energy storage system will handle all the paperwork.

2. Peak Shaving:

Utility companies often charge higher rates during peak usage hours. With a solar battery, you can store solar energy generated during off-peak hours and use it when rates are high, saving you a significant amount on your electricity bills. Learn more about SCE’s Time of Use (TOU) rates here. Tuscon Electric Power (TEP) also offers a TOU program, while IID does not.


Based on your family’s habits, your solar installer can help you understand the best option in combination with your solar and battery storage.

3. Energy Independence:

Solar batteries enhance your energy independence by reducing your reliance on the grid. By storing excess solar energy, you have a reliable power source during outages or in scenarios where grid electricity is most expensive. When electricity goes out due to a natural disaster, planned outage, or accident with equipment, the stored energy in your battery takes over. It powers the circuits you have deemed essential. If it happens during the night, it should carry you through the evening, and your battery will then be replenished when your solar system begins generating again with sunlight.

4. Maximizing Solar Investment:

Storing surplus solar energy means you’re making the most of your solar installation. Instead of sending excess energy back to the grid for a small credit, you can store it for personal use, ensuring you get the full benefit of your solar power system. For this, your installer can help you program your battery to provide part of the electricity needed when rates are the highest to save you money on your bill. 

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint:

By optimizing the use of solar energy through storage, you’ll further reduce your carbon footprint. Solar battery storage enables a more sustainable lifestyle by maximizing clean energy usage and minimizing reliance on fossil fuel-based grid electricity. By pulling less from the grid, you help cut how much electricity needs to be generated. In fact, over 25 years (the length of the warranty), an 11kW system will keep 363 metric tons of CO2 out of our atmosphere. That’s equivalent to 909,951 car miles driven or planting 6,037 trees, and that’s without a battery. Just imagine how much more you’re helping the planet with one!

6. Supporting the Grid:

California offers a grid support program where you can earn incentives by allowing your stored energy to be used during high-demand periods. This not only supports grid health but also puts money back into your pocket. The California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Demand Side Grid Support (DSGS) Program is part of California’s Strategic Reliability Reserve, a suite of programs to alleviate tight energy supplies on the grid caused by heatwaves, wildfires, and other ongoing impacts of climate change. DSGS offers incentives to electric customers that provide load reduction and backup generation to support the state’s electrical grid during extreme events from May to October, reducing the risk of rotating power outages. 

7. Future-Ready:

As electricity prices continue to rise and solar technology advances, having a solar battery storage system makes your home future-ready. It’s a smart investment that pays off over time while contributing to a greener future. With a solar system and battery, your electric cost is fixed, and you are insulated from rising rates. If you need more storage in the future because your home is using more electricity due to a changed situation, such as adding an electric vehicle, another battery can easily be added.

8. Increased Property Value:

Homes equipped with solar panels and battery storage systems are often valued higher in the real estate market. According to Zillow, the average increased value is more than 4%. It’s an investment that can increase your property’s value and appeal to eco-conscious buyers. The good news is that the increase in value is not reflected in higher property taxes because solar systems and related equipment are exempt.

Investing in solar battery storage is a smart step towards greater financial and energy independence. It’s about leveraging modern technology to live a more sustainable, cost-effective life.

Ready to take control of your energy consumption and supercharge your savings? Contact us for a free consultation to explore the best solar battery storage solutions for your needs!

By Published On: November 26, 2023

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