Do your homework and find a solar panel that works well in extreme weather and continues to produce well throughout its useful life. Then make sure the company you choose complements the panel with special installation techniques designed for high heat.

If you have concerns about how solar panels work in the extreme desert heat, you’re not alone. In fact, you should be concerned. The good news is with a little bit of homework; you can find the panels that are proven to be the highest efficiency even with the harsh Coachella Valley weather.

The SunPower Design Difference

With SunPower’s design that puts the electric conducting material on the back rather than metal paste on the front, the panels withstand temperature swings much better. SunPower has patented Maxeon technology that features copper on the back to conduct electricity and includes built-in strain relief. They are tested in chambers where the temperature continuously swings from -40 to 185 Fahrenheit every five hours.

Other panels expand and contract due to temperature changes, causing these front contact panels to fail. SunPower panels, on the other hand, are fully warranted for 25 years for parts, labor, and shipping. In addition, SunPower panels have an expected life of up to 40 years, giving you great power for decades. And with an additional guarantee that they will be producing 92% of the energy at Year 25 that they were at Year One – you know you will be maximizing your savings.

Experience the Renova Energy Difference

Another consideration beyond the panels themselves is how a company installs them. There are specific installation techniques that should be followed to help your system withstand harsh weather, including:

  • Larger gauge wire
  • Wires that run in metal conduit instead of plastic PVC can break down in the heat
  • Keeping the metal conduit off the surface of the roof to minimize the heat transfer

When Renova Energy couldn’t find a good solution for the last item, the VP of Engineering and VP of Operations collaborated to create a Conduit Tile Hook to do just that, an item that is now patented and also commercially available.

As the only Elite SunPower dealer in the Coachella Valley, Renova Energy is the Coachella Valley solar specialist for both residential and commercial buildings– not just with panels that perform the best in the heat, but with techniques that help ensure the longevity of your system, unlike companies from out of the area who aren’t familiar with the special needs in the Desert or companies that don’t spend the extra money or time to install for the heat correctly. Be sure you choose the right panel for the heat and the correct company.

Contact our Coachella Valley solar installation team at Renova Energy. We guarantee SunPower panels can withstand the heat, and we promise you will receive top-tier service!

By Published On: May 6, 2019

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