The Coachella Valley solar energy experts at Renova Energy describe the installation process for your new solar energy system. Call us today to start your solar journey!

Coachella Valley Energy Solutions with Renova Energy

Understanding the installation process for your new solar energy system empowers you to understand the advances in energy and how they change your consumption. At Renova Energy, we are happy to help our customers learn more about the system that we install. This can help you make sure that your system is running efficiently and that you are getting the most out of it while saving money and helping the environment. Let Renova Energy take your Coachella Valley home into the future with a solar energy system.

Contact the Coachella Valley energy experts at Renova Energy to learn about your solar options and to start the process of harnessing the energy of the future.

The Installation Process: What Happens Next

What happens once you finally decide to go solar? With Renova Energy, we’re with you through the installation process from start to finish and even through the lifetime of your solar system!

Meet Your Energy Consultant

First things first, you’ll meet your certified Energy Consultant to review your energy needs, your usage from the previous 12 months, and your options for purchasing, leasing, or financing your new solar system. Your Energy Consultant will help you size the system according to your specific energy needs.

Design Your System

Next, our Solar Technicians conduct a site survey. They check the electrical panel, analyze the shading on your roof, and assess placement for your system. When the site survey is complete, it’s time to sign off on the agreement, then move on to our Engineering Department to finalize your design!

Permits and Paperwork

This is the part that can feel a little overwhelming for anyone interested in going solar for their home or business. What about all that paperwork with Southern California Edison and the City? What about an HOA? Renova Energy handles it all. We coordinate with your HOA, your city or county, and SCE to ensure all your paperwork is filed and signed off properly.

Project Management

Once your rooftop solar installation is approved, you’ll move on to the project management side at Renova Energy. Here, our team will send you updates and coordinate and schedule your installation dates.

Installation Day

Finally, it’s installation day! With Renova Energy, a typical rooftop solar installation takes about 2–3 days to complete. Our installation crew will keep you up to speed on the process and answer any questions you may have. After the installation is complete, expect a follow-up visit from your Energy Consultant to address any questions or concerns—plus, you’ll receive a few gifts from Renova Energy!

RenovaPLUS: A Service of Renova Energy

After your solar system is up and running and producing all that green energy for your home or business, we recommend that you pre-schedule at least two cleanings per year with RenovaPLUS to maintain peak efficiency on your system. Plus, if you ever have any issues, repairs, or maintenance needs, RenovaPLUS is our dedicated service and maintenance division.

Start Your Energy Independence with Solar from Renova Energy

As energy costs rise in the Coachella Valley, it is critical to learn about your energy options, and solar is one of the most promising. Contact the team of solar energy experts at Renova Energy to start to find the independence that can change your energy consumption.

To learn more about your solar options in the Coachella Valley and the solar system installation process, reach out to one of our certified Energy Consultants at Renova Energy today!

By Published On: November 21, 2022

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