Why is Solar Maintenance Necessary?

We sat down with Scott Perez, the Director of RenovaPLUS, to discuss the importance of solar maintenance, what homeowners should understand more about their solar energy systems, and what’s on the horizon for RenovaPLUS, the solar maintenance division of Renova Energy. Here’s what he had to say.

It is critical that the experience of switching to solar energy be viewed as a journey. While it begins with installation, for a homeowner or business owner to get the most from their system, the solar energy system must be maintained properly and regularly. In fact, it can be viewed similarly to vehicle maintenance.

To keep the vehicle functioning efficiently and for it to drive from point A to point B consistently, the vehicle must undergo routine service. In the same manner, a solar panel system must be cleaned and inspected periodically in order for the panels to produce maximum power. Dirty, ill-maintained panels can result in up to 15% of lost energy output every year.

What Is the #1 Thing That People Overlook About Their Systems After Getting Solar?

Solar energy system owners often overlook one critical factor: energy production. While solar can save most people a considerable amount of money, the effect can be quite the opposite for a household that consumes more energy than its system is designed to produce. It’s so important for homeowners to be mindful of the amount of energy they consume and produce to avoid any surprises on end-of-the-year true-up statements. That’s why our team at RenovaPLUS strongly advocates for add-ons for those whose usage habits have changed, causing them to use more energy than originally anticipated.

What Do You Think Sets RenovaPLUS Apart?

At RenovaPLUS, we pride ourselves on being solar maintenance experts at the leading solar company in the Coachella Valley. We aren’t contractors solely cleaning panels—we also provide a Legacy service tailored for those who have purchased a home or business with a preexisting solar energy system, which functions as an in-house service maintenance program for all types of solar panels and solar energy systems, not just those designed and installed by Renova Energy.

Our Legacy service, then, is made up of Advanced Service Plans customized to fit each client’s individual needs. Within these Advanced Service Plans, our Coachella Valley solar maintenance experts provide detailed analyses and reports on our customers’ systems to help them understand in-depth details about their systems and energy production. In addition, we examine all aspects of the system, from wire management to roof conditions, to make sure each part of the solar energy system functions properly. We’re a full-service solar maintenance machine, and we are perfecting the expectations of solar one system at a time.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at Renova Energy and Running RenovaPLUS?

I am most excited and motivated by the potential for growth within Renova Energy and RenovaPLUS. This company is full of tenacious, intelligent individuals with amazing ideas, and I’m thankful that we have the ability, as a department, to dictate where RenovaPLUS will go next. With so much room for expansion in the solar industry, there is an endless opportunity for RenovaPLUS to evolve our processes and further improve the experience we provide our customers.

Call the Coachella Valley solar maintenance experts at RenovaPLUS to schedule your solar panel cleaning and maintenance. We are here to keep your panels producing at peak efficiency!

By Published On: September 12, 2022

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