Renova is a leading solar energy provider committed to making a positive impact on the environment and helping customers save on energy costs. At the heart of this mission is a dedicated team of engineers, designers, and specialists working tirelessly to create customized solar solutions for every home. We recently sat down with our Director of Engineering, Cesar Lopez, to dive deeper into the engineering aspects of solar. Here’s what we learned.

For starters, Cesar got into the field of engineering because of his love for math and problem-solving. Fortunately, a career in solar has given him the perfect opportunity to use those skills while helping others achieve the independence that comes with renewable energy.

As the Director of Engineering, Cesar’s primary responsibility is to support and guide a team of engineers, designers, technicians, permit coordinators, and HOA specialists during the pre-installation process. Engineering covers various aspects of the solar journey, from measuring roofs and designing layouts to preparing site-specific drawings and obtaining permits. Since every home and electrical system is unique, each solar solution must be tailored to each customer’s needs. 

One key aspect of solar that Cesar wishes more customers understood is how important energy usage is when it comes to saving with solar. Solar systems are designed to offset energy usage from the previous 12 months, so maintaining the same usage habits is essential to avoid large utility bills after getting solar.

Looking towards the future of solar, Cesar believes it’s undoubtedly bright. Solar cell efficiency has improved from 14% to 22% over the past decade, and Cesar predicts that solar cells will reach 30% efficiency by 2035. As batteries become more efficient and affordable, he also expects that most people will adopt them with their solar systems. Batteries provide another layer of energy independence, allowing those with solar to store excess energy and use that energy during outages, which are common during the summers in the Valley and in the evenings when electricity is more expensive.

Interested in learning more about how pairing solar and a battery can give you more energy independence and peace of mind? Contact us or Call Renova Energy.

By Published On: September 4, 2023

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