While many believe solar panel systems are a pain to maintain, this claim is actually further from the truth than most think. Learn why!

At Renova Energy, we understand that committing to a solar panel system for your home or business in Coachella Valley is a big decision. One common concern homeowners express is the level of maintenance required to go solar, both in labor and cost. Luckily, there are several reasons solar panels may actually be lower maintenance than you thought:

Longevity of Solar Panel Systems

Perhaps the greatest investment return with the installment of a solar panel system is the fact that a newly installed system has an expected 25-30 year lifespan on average before needing significant maintenance or repair. According to experts, even after three decades, your solar panel system will still be performing at 85% or better—this is, of course, dependent on your PV system being installed properly as well as optimally for your home in your geographic area.

When an issue does come up with your solar panel system, it is usually an inverter communication issue, a single panel malfunction, or, more often than not, an unforeseen external complication—such as a fallen tree caused by a storm or animal interference. This is why it is still important to monitor your solar panel system and schedule your annual performance check, even though ongoing maintenance is not required.

Cleaning Solar Panels is Easy and Infrequent

The closest thing to ongoing maintenance your solar panels require is a simple cleaning, which you can complete yourself. Dirty panels can actually reduce solar panel performance by 1-5%, with long-term buildup and obstruction affecting solar efficiency by up to 25%. Routine cleaning includes clearing your solar panels of sunlight obstructions such as foliage and animal nests, as well as removing the buildup of dust, grime, pollen, and even bird droppings. In the Coachella Valley, in particular, where dust, smog, and residual fire effects can more frequently settle onto your solar panels, routine visual checks for cleaning is beneficial.

Luckily, cleaning your solar panels is easy: using a pressure washer with filtered water is the most efficient method, though a garden hose or leaf blower can also often do the trick. For detailed cleaning, or if you cannot safely reach the panels on your structure, Renova Energy offers cleaning services!

Solar Panels Include Warranties

Perhaps the top reason you can rest easy when it comes to maintenance of your solar panel system in Coachella Valley is that PV systems come with long-term warranties. These warranties cover inverter malfunctions and other functionality issues over the course of your solar panels’ lifespan. At Renova Energy, we exclusively install SunPower solar panels, which not only boast a 40-year warranty but also include a 25-year comprehensive warranty.

Contact Renova Energy today to discuss your Coachella Valley solar panel needs, troubleshoot with your existing system, or receive a free installation quote!

By Published On: October 5, 2020

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