This holiday season, let’s think bigger and more long-term when it comes to gifts. In most cases, we like to give ourselves little gifts throughout the year, leaving our Christmas gift as the largest gift of them all. But, which gifts actually keep on giving? Our Coachella Valley solar installation team at Renova Energy is here to answer just that! Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Solar is way too expensive to give myself as a gift,” but we are here to tell you otherwise. Let’s explore some of the options that can help you save big NOW and for years to come! In fact, let’s ask Santa himself.

Option 1: Dear Santa, I want to lease a solar energy system.

Are you looking forward to saving big but without all the commitment? If so, leasing a solar panel system may be most appetizing for you. With ZERO start-up fees, you can get into a SunPower solar energy system that will help you save BIG for as long as you keep the system. Because Renova Energy is a SunPower dealer, you won’t have to work with any middlemen—just us! In addition, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a SunPower lease, which include:

  • $0 Down
  • Power Production Guarantee
  • Immediate Savings
  • 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Payoff or Transfer at Sale of Home

In addition, with this option, at any point in your lease agreement, you can purchase your Coachella Valley solar panel system when and if you fall in love with solar energy!

Option 2: Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year. I want to buy a solar energy system!

If you’re one who knows you’ll enjoy every benefit solar has to offer, including a better resale value for your home, then purchasing a solar panel system through a SunPower loan may just be your best bet! When Santa crosses this one of your Christmas Wishlist, you’ll also enjoy:

  • $0 Down (Optional)
  • Power Production Guarantee
  • Immediate Savings
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Payoff or Transfer at Sale of Home

Option 3: Santa, I want to buy my solar energy system in cash!

We know this option may not be for everyone, but it may be the best option if you’ve thought about going solar and have some extra spending money this holiday season. With less out-of-pocket overall, purchasing a solar energy system in cash will save you the most over the life of the solar panel system and will also guarantee you the following benefits:

  • Eligibility to Take 26% Tax Credit
  • Power Production Guarantee (The panels are guaranteed to produce a certain amount of power for each 12-month period. If they produce less than the guaranteed amount, the solar panel company will compensate you.)
  • 25-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

So, Which Option Should Santa Approve? Our Coachella Valley Solar Experts Explain!

No matter which option you choose to request from Santa, the savings will be tremendous! More than anything, when you choose to go solar, it’s not just you who benefits—everyone around you does, too, because you are helping create a cleaner, brighter future for years to come. In short, going solar for the holidays is a great gift for your family, your business, and the entire world.

Ho Ho Ho! Solar energy is the way to go!

Contact Renova Energy today and let our solar experts in the Coachella Valley be your guide to a brighter future FULL of savings!

By Published On: December 20, 2021

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