Renova Energy Supports Rooftop Solar, Not Solar Farms

But aren’t all solar panels the same? Definitely not. Here’s why:

Solar Farms are Bad for the Environment

There are major environmental issues associated with solar farms, including habitat and land degradation and harm to wildlife. Think about it: acres of land are disturbed in rural areas so that utilities can erect enormous ground-mounted systems with transmission lines leading all the way back to city centers.

Solar Farms are Bad for the Ratepayer

With solar farms, ratepayers don’t own the solar; the utility company does. Utilities make their money primarily through the “distribution” of electrons, meaning the further away their solar farm is from you, the more they get to charge you, even if the power you receive is greener!

Solar Farms are Bad for Blackouts

The key difference is a centralized utility model versus a distributed generation system. Basically, if the entire grid is centralized in one area and something happens (the grid gets overloaded during an especially hot summer, a power line falls, a wildfire starts in the area of the solar farm, etc.), the entire city center receiving power from that solar farm goes down. If the city’s power is distributed, for example, in smaller sizes on individual rooftops, the risk drops to near zero. Plus, if one system goes down for any reason at all, only one home or business is affected, not the entire region.

Why is Rooftop Solar Better Than Solar Farms?

Rooftop solar, residential or commercial, on the other hand, is beneficial for the following reasons:

Rooftop Solar is Good for the Environment

Green energy is cleaner, cheaper, and more powerful than fossil fuels. Plus, in an exceptionally sunny place like the Coachella Valley, solar just makes sense!

Rooftop Solar is Good for the Ratepayer

Energy independence is something our solar experts in the Coachella Valley believe in, and rooftop solar gives you exactly that freedom to generate your own energy and even push some energy you don’t use back onto the grid for your neighbors without solar.

Rooftop Solar is Good for Preventing Blackouts

Did you know that rooftop solar alleviates strain on the utility grid? When running your AC during a hot summer day, that electricity is not coming from the utility; it’s coming from your roof! Your power needs are not burdening the utility’s grid because you’re not pulling from it in the first place. That’s one less home or business that the utility’s outdated infrastructure needs to power.

Our Coachella Valley Solar Experts Fight for Rooftop Solar

Renova Energy is Coachella Valley’s leading solar specialist, and we are here to spread the word and fight for rooftop solar as the way to a clean, renewable energy future. If you have any questions about rooftop solar or solar farms, be sure to reach out to Renova Energy at Renova Energy.

By Published On: June 20, 2022

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