Let’s call it the way we see it: Any salesman who knocks on your door lacks the tact and the trustworthiness that comes with your own research.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone for Your Solar Installation

The short answer to the big question is easy…NO! Any salesman who knocks on your door lacks the tact and the trustworthiness that comes with your own research. There are several reasons why a company that uses door-to-door tactics should be questioned well before you sign on the dotted line. The best way to make a big purchase is to make it with the confidence that comes with research, time, and getting to know the company you choose for your solar installation.

Renova Energy is your trusted source for Coachella Valley solar energy installation. Our team is here to make sure you have the best system for your needs and to provide the information and education that you can use when it’s time to make the big decision of power for your space.

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Why You Should Not Trust Door-to-Door Solar Sales

Not only is it fairly rude to knock on someone’s door unannounced, but it’s also not a way for customers to make a big purchase. When you are considering solar installation for your Coachella Valley home, it is important to choose a company that is licensed and vetted, one that is permitted to install in your area, and one that handles both the sale and installation. Quite often, door-to-door sales cannot guarantee that the person you are meeting is even the salesperson. They may just be setting appointments, only for you to later hear from someone else. In addition, this salesman or company may subcontract out the actual installation once you sign the agreement.

Even if the idea of solar is introduced to you via door-to-door sales, wait to make a commitment and move forward utilizing traditional practices.

Nothing is Truly “Free,” Even Solar

Many door-knockers can tell you that solar installation will be free if you sign on the dotted line. But that is not usually the case. $0 down may be enticing, but don’t be fooled by the idea of free; you’ll still end up with a monthly payment. Be sure to get bids from several companies to make an educated decision. There are plenty of licensed and reviewed companies in your area that will use quality products with warranties and have trusted installers, including Renova Energy. When it comes to your home, make the decision as you would purchase a car, with great thought and patience. Visit each company’s online website and use reviews to help you see what others think. Ask your friends and neighbors who they use or who they know; word of mouth can go far in making purchases or home upgrades.

Trust Renova Energy for Your Solar Energy System

When you are making a solar purchase in Coachella Valley, Renova Energy is sure to come up during your search for trusted companies. We are a company of installers who take pride in providing education, information, and installation that you can count on. Don’t go with the first solar company that knocks on your door; trust a team that you know will be available for years to come. Renova Energy will be here for all of your solar needs, so contact our team to learn what solar energy can do for you.

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By Published On: February 24, 2020

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