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Get solar service for your system installed by Renova in Arizona

Solar System Inspection

Provides a complete analysis and report so you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current solar panel system, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Renovian standing on the roof of a home giving an estimate on going solar.
Renovian installer putting in solar on a roof of a home.

Solar Panel Repair & Replacement

Removes and replaces older or damaged solar panels and replaces with brand new panels so you can maximize solar energy benefits.

Warranty Fulfillment

RenovaPLUS works closely with the manufacturers of all types of solar system equipment to help ensure that everything covered by a warranty is repaired in such a way that the warranty remains fully in effect and that the repair is covered per the terms of the warranty.

Renova has been around since 2006.

Detailed Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels make the most energy when there is no barrier of dirt and debris between the surface of the panels and the light from the sun. Regular cleaning can address these issues and help maximize your savings by increasing power output so you can enjoy maximum energy production. Additionally, we can check to see if any wildlife or plants may be disturbing energy production.


$4per panel
  • Power washing using filtered water
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Roof condition survey


$6per panel
  • All of the services at the Bright advantage level
  • Before/After photography
  • Wire management and monitoring equipment evaluation


$10per panel
  • All of the services at the Brighter advantage level
  • Deep cleaning for overspray and calcification for up to four panels
  • Onsite system status check
  • Production Analysis reading for prior month (details vary by original solar installer)
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RenovaPLUS Advantage offers options for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance tailored to each solar system! Get Started by filling out the form below.

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