PALM DESERT, CA, October 18, 2023 Chad Beckstand has been promoted to the position of Sales Director for Renova Energy for California and Arizona. Chad’s professional journey in the solar sector is nothing short of commendable. He began his solar career with Renova as a sales consultant before venturing out in 2018. With even more solar expertise, having worked with some of the Valley’s other leading solar companies, Chad rejoined Renova as a sales consultant again in November 2022. Now, in less than a year, he has been appointed as the Director of Sales for the two regions. 

His familiarity with and his unwavering vision for Renova compel him to be committed to enhancing the sales culture as he supports the company’s goal of nationwide expansion. When asked about his favorite thing about Renova Energy, Chad summed it up by saying, “Ethical—I don’t even know another word for this company. That just wraps it up in one word.”

“We’re thrilled to have Chad back and to place him in a position that we know he will make an indelible mark on the growth of Renova,” stated Vincent Battaglia, Founder and CEO of Renova Energy. “His knowledge and dedication will take us to new heights as we work together to educate and inform homeowners, businesses, nonprofits, elected officials, and members of the media about the benefits of clean, renewable energy.”

Chad’s passion extends beyond work. On weekends, spending time with family and going to church are paramount. Whether it’s cheering at his kids’ sports events, indulging in a football game, or simply enjoying time with loved ones on staycations, Chad always finds a way to balance his work with personal commitments.

By Published On: October 18, 2023

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