The SunPower Dealer Conference names Renova Energy Corporation as the 2020 Winner of Their Top Regional Producer Award and National Intelegant Award for a Large-Scale Residential Installation in Rancho Mirage, California

The Top Regional Producer Award is presented to solar installation companies for their outstanding sales performance as a SunPower dealer. “Renova Energy is proud to be considered a SunPower Elite Dealer,” said Vincent Battaglia, CEO and Founder of Renova Energy. “We became a SunPower dealer back in 2010. This was an enormous milestone for Renova because SunPower provides the best panels in the industry, and as a solar and battery storage specialist, we care about the quality of our installations long after the sale.” After completing more than 5,000 installations in the Coachella Valley, it seems that the sales and successful installations speak for themselves.

The Intelegant Award is presented on a national level, comparing the previous year’s SunPower installations from across the United States. “Intelegant” is a hybrid of “intelligent” and “elegant,” citing an installation design that possesses both qualities as necessary to qualify for the award. Renova Energy was awarded for their impressive modern-style residential installation in Rancho Mirage during the summer of 2020. The large single-family home selected for the award has varying levels and sizes on the roof, along with an exclusively flat roofline — a design not often seen across the United States.

Since 2006, Renova Energy has been a top-performing solar and battery storage installer for the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. For more information on Renova Energy, contact us or visit

By Published On: February 9, 2021

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