PALM DESERT, CA, November 25, 2023, Renova Energy has launched a new version of their customer app, adding several new features and making improvements to others. Downloadable for iPhone and Android mobile devices, the new version of the app allows users to check the status of their system installation through nine different stages, including initial signatures all the way to completed installation, as well as access relevant documents. Once installed, monitoring of the solar system that shows production can be accessed. Also, customers can continue to refer others with Renova’s increased referral program rewards. The new version includes details and tracking for them in a simplified, easy-to-understand manner.

For those wishing to make a referral and earn rewards, the app lets them add the names of friends and then check the status of their cash reward. Completed appointments when someone sits with an energy consultant earn the referring party $100, while a completed installation rewards the referring party $500. An extra $250 is awarded for every five referrals. Referral rewards are also made for Tesla Powerwall and SunPower SunVault battery appointments and referrals. The app keeps track of all referrals, so those referring see when a reward has been earned and when it’s been paid. Through the app, customers also have the ability to communicate with Renova through a direct email or phone call.

“We wanted to create an all-in-one platform for our customers that would be extremely useful and easy to use, and I think our team has done that,” said Matthew De La Torre, Chief Technology Officer of Renova Energy. “It’s been very well received so far by those who have downloaded it and put it into action, and we’ll continue to solicit feedback and make additional enhancements as needed.”

The mission of Renova remains the same as when it was founded: to provide clean energy options for Coachella Valley families, businesses, and nonprofits through solar and batteries in a move towards total independence from utility companies through full microgrids. For more information, go to

By Published On: November 27, 2023

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