At the start of a new year, it is common for people to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make everyday life more sustainable. Habits like walking instead of driving and reusing bags at the grocery store are part of this, in addition to energy consumption.

Society being so dependent on energy increases the importance of both how much we use and where it comes from. When we identify ways to utilize renewable energy sources, the entire world and its people benefit:

  • Lessens certain types of air pollution by not producing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves the economy by creating jobs
  • Gives us more options in our energy supply and leads to us being less dependent on imported energy sources

Standing between people and using less harmful, renewable energy in the Coachella Valley is knowing how to go about it, which is why your solar experts at Renova Energy are here to help!

Harvesting the Sun’s Power by Going Solar

Whether you are looking for a new energy source for your residence, investment property, or commercial building, solar energy in the Coachella Valley will help both the environment and your bank account.

As it relates to environmental benefits, most energy sources use either fossil fuels or water, but solar energy uses neither. This prevents it from polluting the air and cutting into our water supply—two things we should be working hard to conserve.

By investing in solar energy, you are empowering humanity to lead healthier, longer lives in a safer world, but the benefits do not stop there:

  • Homes with solar panels increase their worth by an average of $9,926, and they save close to $63,000 on electricity bills over 25 years.
  • Homeowners who get solar panels installed by December 31, 2022, will benefit from a 26-percent Investment Tax Credit.
  • Solar energy-powered businesses reduce their energy costs by 75 percent, on average.
  • Over 90 percent of consumers are more likely to trust a company that uses solar energy because it shows their commitment to the environment.

The perks included with going solar make it one of the easiest decisions you will face in 2022.

Battery Storage Helps, Too!

Utilizing a battery storage system in the Coachella Valley complements solar panels by maximizing their capabilities.

A system from Renova Energy customizes a microgrid to your home, which will keep it lit and powered throughout a blackout, thanks to the energy it stored over time. On top of preventing your home from experiencing a power outage, it also rewards you with more savings.

One type of battery storage option available to you is the Tesla Powerwall. This system is smart enough to direct energy to where it is needed the most during a power outage. It also includes:

  • A mobile app that helps you save more money by choosing when to use energy at peak times
  • Durability during harsh weather conditions
  • Energy available 24/7
  • Peace and quiet because it operates silently

Solar panels combined with a battery storage system will turn your home into a self-sufficient, money-saving energy source you never have to worry about.

Make 2022 Your Year of Renewable Energy! Call our Coachella Valley Solar Experts!

Our Coachella Valley, renewable energy sources, will assist you in making the world a better place and lowering your overhead. Explore your options and decide what you can do to make these outcomes possible this year. As always, our Coachella Valley solar experts are here to help!

Contact Renova Energy today and find out how quickly you can start reducing your carbon footprint!

By Published On: January 20, 2022

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