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Purchase a Maintenance Package from RenovaPLUS in Arizona

Detailed Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels make the most energy when there is no barrier of dirt and debris between the surface of the panels and the light from the sun. Regular cleaning can address these issues and help maximize your savings by increasing power output so you can enjoy maximum energy production. Additionally, we can check to see if any wildlife or plants may be disturbing energy production.


$4per panel
  • Power washing using filtered water
  • Visual Panel Inspection and Inverter LED Inspection
  • Before/After Photography


$6per panel
  • All of the services at the Bright advantage level
  • Wire Management Inspection, Conduit Inspection
  • Live On-Site Production Check
  • *Overspray Cleaning up to 4 Panels
  • *30 Day Production Analysis
    (Availability determined by Installer)

Brightest Plus

$10per panel
  • All of the services at the Brightest advantage level
  • Additional report with detailed analysis, photos and technical recommendations addressing outstanding issues

We Never Subcontract

All work is done in-house from our employee-owned team

RenovaPLUS will take care of your solar.

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