The warm summer months are approaching. Prepare your home and business for ultimate savings! Our Coachella Valley solar installers are here to help!

Spend More on What Matters Most by Saving Now with Solar Energy

While it seems as though we are right in the middle of this COVID-19 crisis, we know it won’t last forever.  We had the “before,” we’re living the “during,” now let’s talk about the “after.”

At Renova Energy, we believe we will all emerge with a newfound appreciation for simple things and those everyday people we may have taken for granted before, like grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and field workers, not to mention the frontline medical team.  We are also seeing and enjoying all the positive effects on the environment with lessened human activity. But what about the rest of your “after”?

If you are like most folks, your “after” may involve trying to catch up on your finances since many of us will be behind. That means finding ways to save money will be critical.

How to Save Money When the COVID-19 Outbreak Settles

One of the things that can help is by lowering recurring expenses, such as what you pay for electricity with Southern California Edison. Immediate savings on electricity bills can be used to pay for other things. Of course, with the brutal heat of summer soon approaching (with the highest electric bills of the year), solar energy is more important than ever—not just for the savings, but to help contribute to the continued health of the planet.

Renova Energy is Here to Help

Our Coachella Valley, solar installation team, is here to provide you with safe, effective solutions. That means we won’t put you or your family at risk, and you can still start saving by switching to solar.

To help, we can provide the following:

  • A virtual meeting to understand your needs and wants first
  • A customized proposal without someone entering your home
  • Installation of the full solar panel system before the big bills hit (with a small crew on your roof and never in your home)

With lease specials from SunPower, savings of 50% are not uncommon for Renova Energy customers. Need more good news? Leases are available for $0 down and free installation, and a credit score as low as 640 can qualify you right away. Of course, it is a good idea to apply sooner than later if you believe delayed payments could affect yours.

Get ready for the “after” with more money in your pocket each month and contribute to the benefits for the environment. Contact Renova Energy to learn more! Our solar installation team in the Coachella Valley is ready to help you prepare.

By Published On: April 13, 2020

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