Renova Energy is proud to announce the successful completion of a solar installation project for Teco Diagnostics in Anaheim, California. Teco Diagnostics is a leading global supplier of medical diagnostic products and equipment, and their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy aligns perfectly with Renova Energy’s mission to provide clean, reliable energy solutions.

The solar installation project involved the design, engineering, and installation of a custom solar system on the roof of Teco Diagnostics’ facility. The significant reduction in their carbon footprint and energy costs is a testament to Teco Diagnostics’ commitment to sustainability and the environment. Renova Energy’s team of experienced solar experts worked closely with Teco Diagnostics to ensure that the installation process was smooth and efficient, with minimal disruption to their daily operations.


Renova Energy installed a 187.05 kW roof mounted system on the roof of Teco Diagnostics in Anaheim. Renova Energy used 430 SunPower 435 W panels. The roof mounted array generates green energy that will result in first-year utility savings of $51,687! This equates to 80% of the pre-solar annual utility cost.


The solar installation will save Teco Diagnostics an estimated $2.5 million across a 30-year period, with a 40-year panel useful life.

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187.05 kW

Total System Size


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Projected Savings (30 Years)


First-Year Utility Savings