Renova Energy recently completed a solar installation for the Patten Residence in Palm Springs, providing them with the many benefits of going solar. By generating their own clean energy, the Patten family can enjoy significant savings on their monthly electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase their home’s value.

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits, adding solar panels to their home is a major selling point for potential buyers who are looking for energy-efficient and environmentally conscious homes. By choosing Renova Energy, the Patten family has not only made a smart investment in their future but also contributed to the growth of the green energy industry and a more sustainable future.


Renova Energy installed a 18.72 kWp roof mounted PV system on a home with a unique roof. Renova Energy used 52 SunPower X22 360 Watt panels. The roof mounted array generates green energy that has an estimated 122%  offset of the home’s electrical usage.


The solar installation will save the Patten family an average of $376/month in electricity bill savings.

Quick Facts

18.72 kWp

Total System Size


System Type


Projected Savings (25 Years)

567 Metric Tons

CO2 Avoided Over 25 Years