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The owners of Antique Galleries in Palm Springs wanted to cut down on their overhead by lowering their monthly electric bill for their large, multi-story location. They felt the business was not sustainable due to the enormous electric bills, especially each summer. Although the business deals in antiques, they were excited about a 21st century solution!


Antique Galleries agreed with the recommendation to have a 39 kW system installed on their rooftop, which consisted of 120 SunPower 327W modules. Because of SunPower’s high efficiency, combined with the available space, Antique Galleries is now able to enjoy a 96% kWh offset. Owners of the business say the savings on their electric bill were instrumental in letting them remain in business.


Their system is projected to pay for itself in under six years, and then they’ll enjoy free electricity for the life of the system, guaranteed for 25 years, but expected to be up to 40. In its first year alone, the system generated 67,659 kWhs.

Quick Facts

39 kW

Total System Size


System Type

6 Years

Projected ROI

67,659 kWhs

First-Year Solar Generated