No one can dispute the fact that it’s hot outside during the summer in the Coachella Valley. And when your position at a company requires that the majority of the time be spent outside, it does any job that much harder.

That was the impetus behind the creation of Outdoor Worker Appreciation Week, conceived and developed by our founder, Vincent Battaglia, to acknowledge the unique demands of outdoor workers and to show them appreciation for their dedication during harsh conditions.

“About half of Renova’s 300+ team works outside consistently—surveying, preparing, installing, cleaning, and maintaining solar systems,” Vincent explained. “And while we strive to demonstrate how much we appreciate their efforts year-round, it felt right to create an organized week to highlight their perseverance and dedication.”

Vincent was able to get the California State Assembly to make it an officially recognized week (July 17–23, 2023) with a resolution. Assemblyman Greg Wallis wrote the measure with the idea that local jurisdictions, businesses, and organizations will use it to show appreciation as they honor outdoor workers.

We gathered more than 150 of our outdoor workers and treated them to lunch at their new headquarters building on Cook Street, which included remarks by Palm Desert Council Member Jan Harnik and Assemblyman Greg Wallis, along with Vincent. Local food trucks included Tacos Al 100 and Papa Heads Burgers. Vince and other Renovians visited several job sites to express their appreciation and share cold drinks and treats

“Everyone in the Coachella Valley needs to pause and reflect about the fact that our quality of life would not be the same without the selfless individuals who toil in the heat as part of their job,” Vincent added. “That includes farmworkers, landscapers, pool maintenance workers, HVAC repair technicians, construction workers, and so many more. We appreciate them all so much.”

By Published On: August 15, 2023

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