I want solar and a new roof in Arizona

One Contractor, Full-Service!

At RenovaROOFS, we have a full-service in-house team of licensed roofers dedicated to providing exceptional solutions for both residential and commercial systems who want to repair or reroof while investing in solar. Doing both at the same time is a smart decision, as you will be able to combine financing, save time, and maybe even qualify for additional tax incentives – Learn more

Renovian installers putting in solar on a roof of a home.
Renova has been around since 2006.

Extended Warranty

RenovaROOFS uses only the very best process, people, and products on every roofing project. We’re so confident in our team that we offer a 12-year workmanship guarantee, so you’ll be leak-free and worry-free. When replacing a full roof with new cutting-edge shingle materials, we can increase this to 25 years for workmanship and 50 years for materials – Learn more

The Perfect Match Is Award Winning

A typical roof can last from 25 to 40 years, and so can your solar system. Doing them at the same time provides added protection to your home or business and is the perfect match to maximize your ROI. Trusting one award-winning solar company to do it all means you have just one contract and a single contact for any related warranty or service needs. Now that’s service! Learn more

Renova has received many Awards and Accolades from SunPower.

The Roof Is Our Playground

Our team of in-house specialists can offer reroofing and reinstallation of your solar array on any type of roof pitch or style, including shingle, tile, concrete, metal, or slate. Plus, for old built-up roofing systems, we are experts in converting them to Spray Polyurethane Foam, offering incredible savings for home and business owners. Get started with a no-obligation consultation. Schedule now


If you can afford your utility bill, you can afford solar. Calculate how much solar you need, the cost, and the potential savings!