Local Vs Third-Party Sales Solar Companies

The Coachella Valley solar installers at Renova Energy discuss the differences between local solar companies and third-party solar sales companies.

Choose Your Local Solar Installers in the Coachella Valley for Service You Can Trust

Homeowners in the Coachella Valley know the importance of saving money and energy, especially when temperatures rise, and we run our HVAC systems day and night. That’s why so many in our community are switching to solar. But how can you be sure you are making the right choice with your solar company? You can choose between various companies, but the two main options are third-party solar companies and local solar companies.

Choosing a local solar company is a choice that can benefit your home, and your community, for years to come. Let Renova Energy, your local Coachella Valley solar company, provide you with quality products and first-class customer service for all of your solar needs.

Contact Renova Energy for solar energy systems in the Coachella Valley; we are here to help you become energy-independent!

Reasons to Avoid Third-Party Sales Solar Companies

Your new solar panel and battery storage system is a major investment that will be part of your home or business for decades to come. Because you’re committing to a long-term investment like this, it is crucial to choose a company you can rely on to be there when you need them in the future. Third-party solar sales companies cannot be trusted after you sign the contract because they are not always local. In fact, they rarely are.

Here are several reasons to stay away from third-party solar sales companies when it comes to choosing your solar energy system:

  1. Door-knocking for sales. Third-party sales companies are known for using door-knocking as their primary tactic for gaining customers. They have the sole purpose of selling contracts because they are usually not the installers, so they need numbers. These salespeople show up unannounced and uninvited, trying to sell you solar and move on to the next house if you say no. This abrasive tactic can be frustrating or even intimidating and speaks nothing of the commitment to solar installation that it deserves.
  2. Built for sales. These companies have only one purpose: to make a sale. They are not the installers, nor do they provide services after installation. After they convince you to purchase through their company, you will have to find a local company to provide maintenance and repairs as the years pass.
  3. Subcontracted installation. Third-party sales solar companies often subcontract the installation of your system to the lowest bidder, which may lead to less-than-stellar workmanship, a lower-quality product, and inconsistent customer service during installation.
  4. Distant location. Third-party solar companies will most likely not have a local location, so they are not easily available after the sale. They may even be in and out of your town after their sales sweep is done.

Why You Should Choose a Local Solar Company

There are numerous reasons why you should choose local companies any time that you can, including the choice for solar panel system installation. Supporting local companies helps your local economy, forges local relationships, and ensures that you will have community-level support when you need it.

Here are several reasons why you should choose a local solar company:

  1. Care and attention. Local installers are bound to put more care and attention into their work because they care about the community, and as their customer, you are also their neighbor! Their local reputation and relationships ensure their company’s success, so they tend to care more than companies that are not local.
  2. Quality products and workmanship. Local companies will typically sell and install higher-quality panels, inverters, and batteries, but third-party sellers are not as invested in the quality of the products they are selling. Third-party sales solar companies are focused on profit, while local companies are more customer-centric in pricing by nature.
  3. Employee accountability. Local companies employ a full-time team, one that becomes loyal and accountable over time. Employees invested in the growth and stability of the company are more likely to take pride in their work and do a respectable job.
  4. Customer satisfaction matters. Word-of-mouth referral fuels much of the growth and success of local companies, so your local company will do its best to provide excellent service, dependable installation, and quality products.
  5. Full service. Unlike third-party solar companies, local companies are much more likely to provide all the facets needed to support the integrity of your solar energy system. From installation, maintenance, and repairs, you can count on your local company to be there.
  6. No middleman. When it comes to your solar system’s life-long needs, communication with your solar company is critical. When there is no middleman to deal with, you can speak directly with your installers, sellers, and repair providers at your local company.

Choose Renova Energy, Choose Local

You need to hire a solar installation company that you can trust to be around long enough for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Choose the company that lives and works locally, the company that you can count on to answer your call and to treat your home like your own. At Renova Energy, our Coachella Valley solar installers put customer care and accountability first to ensure our customers’ confidence in their new solar systems.

Call the team at Renova Energy to learn about solar energy options for your home and how our Coachella Valley solar experts can help you take your energy into your own hands.

By Published On: May 9, 2023

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