Adding a battery to your solar system not only brings you peace of mind but can also keep you safe and comfortable in an outage, especially if you have special needs like medication that needs to be refrigerated or a low tolerance for excessive heat.


If you’re confused because the power went out in your neighborhood and the house next door still had its light, but yours didn’t, then your neighbor has what’s referred to as a microgrid. A microgrid is a renewable source, like solar, paired with a battery.

Renova Energy’s experienced solar consultants in the Coachella Valley can provide a thorough evaluation and recommend the best system for your budget and energy needs. Call now to get a quote!

How do Solar Batteries Work?

When the power goes down, solar systems are required to stop sending power to your home. Instead, the power is redirected onto the grid for the safety of those working on the wires to restore power.

However, if you have a solar battery, the energy produced by your solar panels is instead directed to your home and the battery, with none of it going onto the utility’s wires. That way, your solar system powers your home during the day while it charges the battery. Then your home can draw from the battery in the evening and overnight. Nice peace of mind for you.

Power Selection Portions of Your Home with a Tesla Powerwall

If you’re interested in only powering a portion of your home and appliances, a solar consultant from Renova Energy, a Certified Installer for Tesla Powerwall, can help you decide what your “critical” loads are. Perhaps your refrigerator, a bedroom or casita, your garage door and a front room and kitchen plug for a lamp.

If the power goes out, the most important areas of your home will still have electricity, so you can stay cool with a portable AC, keep your phone and computer charged, keep your food fresh, etc. With two or more batteries, you can probably power everything in your home. Your Coachella Valley home will be the oasis during the outage and will keep you safe and comfortable no longer how long it lasts.

Call Renova Energy Today to Redeem Your Federal Tax Credit on Solar Batteries

If you get a solar system and a battery this year, both are eligible for the full 30% Federal Tax Credit. In addition, Southern California Edison has a battery rebate that’s currently $3,400 per battery you purchase, which can bring the cost down significantly.

If you installed solar previously and want to add a battery, you are still eligible for the SCE rebate, and you and your accountant may still decide to apply for the Federal Tax Credit, as there is pending legislation that may make it available at all times.

Solar power is the way of the future. Reduce your home’s energy costs and its environmental impact by contacting Renova Energy for a quote on solar panel installation in the Coachella Valley.

By Published On: February 26, 2019

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