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Will Edison Prices Rise Alongside Gas Prices in 2023?

Although many SoCal Edison customers are still recovering from their doubled or tripled gas bills these past few months, the utility rate increases are still coming. Southern California residents should plan for additional high electric bills along with their higher gas bills. SCE is proposing to increase their rates by 4.4% as of June 1st, reports KTLA.

SCE claims that the hike in gas prices has greatly affected their production costs, with 12 natural gas-powered plants and reliance upon other natural resources. Thus, these rate hikes cause electricity rate hikes in turn. Their proposed rate increase is yet to be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Many of the rate hikes in our local utilities are in response to the unexpectedly cold and long winter we are still experiencing, as SoCal is rarely cold for long. Our low-elevation snow levels, lower temperatures, and incessant rain are reasons for increased gas usage. Luckily, gas prices are leveling as the months pass, and temperatures are sure to resume their normal pattern soon. This weather not only increased gas use but also increased the costs of protecting the power grid against extreme temperatures.

What Does It Mean for Energy Resources?

The spikes in gas and subsequent electric rates push even further for renewable energy sources like solar. As people realize that even their utility bills are as unpredictable as the weather, they are forced to consider alternative power sources.

Although there is an upfront cost for solar panels and system installation, federal and local tax incentives and credits can soften that blow. Additionally, solar will immediately decrease your utility bills, helping to offset the initial cost. With solar energy, residents are energy independent and can choose to use their energy as they want to, when they want to.

Choose Renova Energy for Your Coachella Valley Residence

When you are tired of utility bill hikes and unexpected weather affecting your budget, it’s time to go solar. With the help of experts like ours at Renova Energy, you can create the perfect solar energy system to suit your needs and budget. We can help you power your home exactly as you want to, so you and your family will have power when and how you want it.

Contact Renova Energy today and learn more about how solar energy systems can give you peace of mind and the power of renewable energy.

By Published On: March 6, 2023

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