In recent years, rolling blackouts across the state of California have become one of the most dangerous situations during the hot summer months, particularly in the Coachella Valley. During the summer of 2020, utility companies were faced with record-breaking heatwaves and outdated infrastructure, which also increased the risk of wildfires. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) issued several emergency alerts and urged Californians to conserve as much energy as possible to prevent power outages across the state. In fact, you may have received a few Flex Alerts from CAISO last summer warning your area about extremely hot weather.

What’s most concerning, however, is utility companies’ pleas for customers to reduce their power usage during peak hours—often categorized as the hottest times of the day—in order to relieve overall strain on the grid. And sometimes, despite a customer’s best efforts, power outages can still occur in their neighborhood.

Fortunately, You Can Gain Energy Independence with Renova Energy

Energy independence is rooted in microgrid technology. A microgrid is created when a solar panel system is coupled with battery storage devices. A battery storage device, such as a Tesla Powerwall, stores solar energy captured by solar panels, creating a reliable battery backup. This can be used to power your home during an unplanned power outage or during peak hours when a utility provider like Southern California Edison (SCE) typically raises its rates. The best part? By relying on a battery backup, you’ll also be relieving overall strain on the utility grid, helping prevent blackouts in the first place!

Secure Your Power Against Rolling Blackouts in the Coachella Valley!

If you are ready to protect yourself, your family, and your business from power outages, get in touch with our Coachella Valley solar battery storage team or learn more about solar and battery storage with Renova Energy.

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By Published On: March 15, 2021

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