If you’ve considered switching to solar, chances are, you’ve also thought about the cost! Our Coachella Valley, solar installation company, is here to explain the costs of going solar!

The cost of solar panels, and solar installation, ranges based on variables, including the city and state that you live in. The panels you choose to purchase will vary in price, but the biggest cost variation will be due to factors of roof installation. In Coachella Valley, our climate often requires more power, therefore, more solar panels to fuel the home solar systems in our communities. At Renova Energy, we install panels and products that we have confidence in to provide ample energy to our Coachella Valley customers. This confidence is part of what we share with our customers; we take the time to help you understand what you need, what will work for you, and how much it will cost.

When you are ready to make the switch to solar power, the Coachella Valley solar power professionals on our team at Renova Energy are here for you. Let us teach you about solar power and provide professional and reliable solar installation, maintenance, and service.

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Factors Contributing to Solar Cost

Solar panel price will typically be based on the quality of the solar panel that is selected, the additional cost for installation, the location of the property, and other factors such as roof type and size of the existing electric panel. Solar panel options are a portion of the cost, but the installation portion is based on a variety of factors that will affect your overall out-of-pocket price.

These installation factors include:

  • The age of your roof. If your roof is old and needs replacement or repairs, it’s best to bring it up to code or make needed repairs before solar installation. Replacing an old roof or repairing portions of your roof before installation will eliminate the need for the solar installer to return to remove solar to fix the roof later.
  • The type of roof. Roof types come into play regarding cost as well. Roof types in the Coachella Valley include shingle, metal, foam, wood shake, and tile. Each type necessitates a different type of roof prep work. On a Clay tile roof, for example, the area where the solar will be installed usually but not always has the tile removed prior to the solar system installation. The cost for the roof prep work should be incorporated into your solar system estimate but shared with you.
  • The size of your electric panel. If a panel is too small to handle the additional load from your solar system, it may need to be upgraded. This can often be the case in older homes.  In order to be competitive on pricing, some solar companies may choose to recommend a smaller system than you need so the panel does not need to be upgraded. Others may charge you an additional fee to perform the work. Be sure to ask if your current panel will work and understand if the size is affecting your solar system bid at all.
  • Local licensing and permits are required. Depending on where you live, additional licensing or permits may increase the cost of your system, unless the solar system provider includes this in the cost of the system. If you’re in a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), they may also have deposits or fees that must be paid.
  • The household demand on your electrical system. If your family utilizes more energy, this will affect the number of panels needed, the battery storage system, and your microgrid. Families that use gaming systems, entertainment systems, homeschool, have a pool, electric car, or work via computer and internet, etc., will consume more energy than those who do not. Consumption of energy will determine your required solar capacity and the size of the solar system you install. Factors such as the temperature you keep your home will affect the size of your solar system as well.
  • The microgrid system that you choose. The cost of your solar energy system will be determined by what you choose to purchase or lease as part of your system. It may include battery storage systems, inverters, solar panels, and additional conversion equipment. Keep this in mind when you are comparing prices.
  • The incentives in your area at the time of installation. Currently, there is an incentive in the form of a federal investment tax credit, as well as battery storage rebate opportunities that may apply to your solar energy cost. Be sure to research incentives, tax credits, and options for lease, purchase, or energy sharing in your area. Our team members can help you to understand what is available in the Coachella Valley for the systems we install.

Affordable Solar Power Systems from Renova Energy

Once you have considered the factors that contribute to your solar system and consulted with the experts on our team, you can confidently choose the system that works best for your energy needs. If you have questions about your home or structure and what systems will work for you, contact our team. The Coachella Valley solar panel installers at Renova Energy understand the unique needs of our area and how they will impact your solar costs.

Contact our team today to discuss a solar power system for your family. We can help you become energy-autonomous and start harnessing the power of the sun.


By Published On: November 23, 2020

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