Think a Solar Lease is the Only Way You Can Afford Solar?


Learn more about a loan from SunPower and how affordable owning a system can be. It’s also a great way to maximize your savings.

For some, a misperception persists that a solar system is too expensive. However, if you can afford your electrical bills, you can afford solar. Especially with a $0 down loan where your payment is usually quite a bit less than your current bill.

Exceptional Financing Options for SunPower Systems

Solar loans are becoming readily available and are being sought out by consumers. For customers that are able to use the 30% federal tax credit, one of the best available options right now is the $0 down loan from SunPower. The SunPower loan offers a 10,15, and a 20-year term. Some advantages include the fact that the homeowner can decide how to use the 30% federal tax credit, and the loan is transferable if you ever sell your home. Also, the loan can be paid off at any time with no penalty.

Why Choose SunPower?

In addition to great loan options, SunPower offers the best panels in the entire industry. SunPower holds the world record for efficiency and has the industry’s best warranty.

SunPower panels produce more power than anything else on the market. This means that with SunPower, you will have fewer panels on your roof for the same product as a competitor with more panels, which leads to a more attractive array and fewer points of connection. SunPower is also a 32-year-old American company with more than 800 solar patents.

Work with a Certified SunPower Installation Company in the Coachella Valley

And, of course, the solar installation company that you work with to install your SunPower system is also important. Local dealer Renova Energy is a SunPower Elite Dealer with more than a decade of experience designing and installing systems here in the Coachella Valley.

Renova Energy has been awarded the highest honors out of local installers. After examining your roof and collecting information on your past energy usage, an energy consultant can put together a free proposal for lease, loan, or purchase so you can examine all your options and decide if one of them will work for you.

Contact Renova Energy today for a free quote on solar for your home!

By Published On: December 4, 2018

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