Renova Energy Provides Solar Energy Solutions in Coachella Valley

When you switch to solar energy for your home or business and see the vast difference it makes in your everyday electricity usage, you may be inclined to live more on edge. You may turn the AC down a few degrees, cool off the house to the perfect temperature, keep more electronics ready and running, or bring home an electric vehicle. Going solar but remaining attached to the grid can change your usage and result in overage charges called true-ups.

The Coachella Valley solar experts at Renova Energy understand the energy changes that occur when switching sources, even though increased at-home electricity use is something many new solar customers don’t consider. With RenovaPLUS, you can receive a quote, including recommendations as to energy panel upgrades and add-ons. We can provide system inspection, upgrade options, and battery storage solutions.

Contact Renova Energy in the Coachella Valley to discuss how our team can help you better harness your new solar power system. Make RenovaPlus work for you and take full advantage of solar energy sources for years to come.

Energy Panel Upgrades After Solar Installation

Panel upgrades are often necessary upon installation of solar energy systems, especially on outdated energy panels or older homes. Solar energy draw is typically higher when compared to on-grid use, which can compromise energy panels. In these cases, panel upgrades are required when the existing energy panel is too small or rated for lower amperage.

Post-Installation Solar Panel Add-On

Your home may need additional solar panels after your initial installation due to increased energy pull. Add-ons can typically include additional solar panels, an inverter, an energy panel upgrade, or even a 220V outlet. With the addition of an electric vehicle, a 220V outlet and a 40amp breaker are installed to charge the vehicle efficiently with harnessed solar energy.

Be sure to remain aware of your neighborhood HOA restrictions on size or placement, as well as what your roof space permits, when considering additional panels for more solar power. These roadblocks may result in complications when trying to increase solar energy intake.

Battery Storage for Added Solar Power

Adding battery storage to your existing solar energy system or choosing to increase battery storage when you already have it installed can improve energy retention. Increasing your ability to save and store energy via a battery storage system will potentially require system recalibration to match your increased needs.

Storage can help you to utilize energy that is gathered throughout the day while you’re away, charging your vehicle, charging your electronics, or running electronics at home during the night.

Added solar battery storage can offer several hours to several days of energy available when the grid is down or when there is a significant power outage. With off-grid solar energy, when the grid is down, you have the opportunity to keep your home running safely.

Our team can audit the amount of energy you use, how it is used, and when you use electricity. We can use this information to help determine what you want the battery to source, creating a map of what it will run in the event of an outage. In addition, we can help program your backup battery and set it up for proper energy storage.

Renova Energy has Your Upgrade and Add-On Solutions

For solar energy solutions that change with your use, add-ons, increased battery storage solutions, and panel upgrades, the team at Renova Energy has got you covered. Our RenovaPLUS team in Coachella Valley offers solar power options when you have an existing or newly installed solar energy system that may not suit your growing needs. Don’t risk paying overages for an increase in energy use.

Contact the Coachella Valley solar experts at Renova Energy to discuss how you can upgrade your energy panel, add panels to your solar panel grid, or add battery storage for increased energy availability. Schedule an inspection today!

By Published On: July 5, 2022

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