At Renova Energy, we’re not just about selling solar solutions; we’re committed to empowering families in desert communities. Over almost 20 years, we’ve turned sunlight into savings for more than 11,000 families, helping them gain energy independence and financial security​.

Custom Solar Solutions for Every Home

We understand that every home is unique. That’s why Renova Energy specializes in custom solar installations, whether it’s traditional rooftop, ground mount, or on various roof types. Our dedicated team ensures that your solar system works perfectly for your home, transforming it into a smart, energy-efficient haven. We also pay attention to aesthetics, working with you to select a location that optimizes production while not compromising looks.

Advanced Battery Storage and EV Charging

If you’re interested in adding battery storage for additional savings and peace of mind during outages, our comprehensive approach includes analyzing your energy consumption to recommend the perfect number of batteries for your needs. Plus, for families with electric vehicles or those planning to purchase one, Renova Energy offers professional EV charging solutions, installed quickly and efficiently.

Complete Roofing and Solar Integration with RenovaROOFS

Understanding the importance of a healthy roofing system, RenovaROOFS provides exceptional solutions for those looking to repair or replace their roof while investing in solar. This integrated approach can lead to additional savings and tax incentives, backed by our industry-leading 12-year workmanship roof guarantee. With all related services in-house, you enjoy a more efficient project as well as enhanced customer support.

RenovaPLUS: Comprehensive Maintenance and Support

Our in-house service, RenovaPLUS, ensures your solar system, whether installed by us or not, performs optimally throughout its lifespan. This includes cleaning, repair, replacement services, and full factory-certified warranty service for all types of panels and solar systems. We also offer system add-ons to support your growing energy needs.

Trusted Solar Technology

We’re proud to partner with leading solar manufacturers known for technology that not only saves money on energy costs but also adds value to your home. Each features 25-year warranties, covering parts, labor, and shipping, a testament to the quality and reliability of their products​​.

By Published On: January 15, 2024

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