Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Solar System

The Coachella Valley solar energy experts at Renova Energy explain the dos and don’ts of maintaining your solar energy system.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Solar Panels and System

We are in the Coachella Valley, where we have a harsher environment versus a system installed in most environments. If you properly maintain the panels and connections, you can ensure that your system produces the most power possible all year long. At Renova Energy, our goal is to help you enjoy the benefits of solar energy and have confidence in your system’s efficiency. Part of that is knowing that it is well-maintained and running as it should.

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Reasons to Maintain Your Solar Energy System

There are several reasons to maintain your solar energy panels, storage system, inverter, and connections. As the seasons change, the maintenance of your panels changes as well.

What happens when you don’t maintain your system?

  • Increases in energy costs
  • Decrease in energy output
  • Noticeably dirty

The Do’s of Solar Energy System Maintenance

Taking care of your solar energy system is easy when you keep up with it all year long. Part of taking care of your system includes having professionals like ours at RenovaPLUS inspect and service it as needed.

Professional inspection and service may include:

  • Running system diagnostics
  • Visual inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Check all connections and parts for corrosion or deterioration
  • Panels free of obstruction
  • All switches working
  • Cables and fittings are secure
  • Emergency shut-off functioning

Once you know that your system is safe, secure, and functioning correctly after inspection, there are ways to help maintain it on your own.

Maintain your panels, inverter, and storage with the following practices:

  • Use a leaf blower to remove leaves and loose debris
  • Clear all panels of shade, trimming back brush and trees
  • If you live in a windy and dusty area, check your panels for excessive dust and spray the panels with your hose to rinse off the panels.

The Don’ts: Things to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Solar System

When it comes to taking care of your system, there are a few things to avoid for your safety and the longevity of your system.

Some key points for proper maintenance of your solar energy system are:

  • Don’t clean your panels with any abrasive tools
  • Don’t clean your panels with chemical solvents
  • Don’t climb on your roof without proper personal and climbing protection
  • Don’t climb on your roof without a climbing partner
  • Avoid using hot water on cold panels or extremely cold water on hot panels
  • Avoid hard water when cleaning, if possible

Call Renova Energy for Solar Panel Systems in Coachella Valley

When you need energy year-round that you can count on, you need solar power. Solar energy systems allow you to be independent of the grid, store energy for when you need it most, and keep your home running even in power outages. A well-maintained solar energy system will produce energy efficiently, and it is easy and simple to maintain your panels and system from Renova Energy.

Renova Energy provides solar energy solutions in the Coachella Valley, giving you the power of energy independence and the knowledge to keep that energy flowing smoothly with simple maintenance and upkeep.

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By Published On: November 7, 2022

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