What You Need to Know in 2023

Although new rules are taking effect in 2023 regarding solar installation, payback time estimates, and the value of solar energy, you will undoubtedly still benefit from your solar energy system. California homeowners may receive 30% federal tax credits to install solar panels and storage systems, and our resident costs are still well below the national average for installation.

Solar energy systems with storage have a high upfront cost, but they are worth the investment. It’s true that there are changes in motion that could potentially make solar installation a more difficult choice, but that should not discourage you from making the switch.

The biggest changes in place affect the amount of money customers receive for their shared electricity, proving the payback time for installed solar systems to take much longer. With increasing costs for electricity, customers with new residential solar may not see a full return on their investment for years longer than they would have a few years ago.

For the foreseeable future, utility prices are expected to continue to climb, meaning, for now, solar is still the best choice for sourcing your energy at home and preventing huge electric bills. Luckily, there are still great benefits to having solar, especially when you factor in energy storage. Solar storage systems are the focus. New incentives encourage solar customers to install solar storage batteries, both to have accessible power at all times and also to take advantage of maximized grid payouts after dark.

The Benefit of Solar Storage in the Coachella Valley

California continues to be the best place to convert to solar and has the highest ranking for solar friendliness with regard to buildings. Rebates and tax credits are still beneficial despite changes and rumors of lessened payments.

As a new homeowner, when solar already exists in your new home, there is no denying that you will save hundreds in energy costs if you have solar. Even if you couldn’t take advantage of installation tax credits or rebates, you are still going to save for decades on energy.

Homes in the Coachella Valley get an average of 275 days of sunshine—that is, 275 days of virtually guaranteed, reliable energy from the sun—for free. The sun’s renewable, eco-friendly energy provides stability for you and your family regardless of rolling blackouts, grid shutdowns, and natural disasters. With a great amount of sun here, your Coachella Valley solar energy system will keep your home running through energy cost hikes and changes in the grid system.

Residential Solar Energy Systems Are the Best Choice in 2023

As we face obstacles and pricing changes, you may wonder if your solar will be beneficial. Don’t fear your choice to go solar or to buy a home with solar; it will still be worth the investment. As electricity availability and pricing fluctuate, you will have a stable energy source for your home. Solar is still the best choice for independent energy and home sustainability.

Whether you are considering installing a new solar energy system at home or just purchased a home with solar, the team at Renova Energy is here to help. Our Coachella Valley solar professionals provide new installations, maintenance, and repairs for your solar energy system and battery storage.

Contact our expert solar team today to learn more about Coachella Valley solar system options with Renova Energy.

By Published On: February 20, 2023

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