With every solar system built, less energy needs to be generated through traditional means, including the burning of fossil fuels or natural gas. This difference helps all of us.


Solar can save you money compared to what you’re spending on electricity every month, but there are also some strong environmental benefits.

While most people primarily install solar because of financial savings, each solar panel system benefits us all. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce the carbon footprint of your home and help reduce greenhouse gases. In the United States most of the electricity we generate in the United States comes from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Extracting and using them is expensive and harmful to the environment.

According to research, widespread solar adoption would significantly reduce the following health hazards:

  • Nitrous oxides
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Articulate matter emissions

That means solar power can contribute to fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and, as a result, fewer lost workdays related to health issues.

Is the Solar Manufacturing Process Harmful To The Environment?

Many people wonder if the manufacturing processes for photovoltaic modules and other PV equipment are harmful to the environment or especially carbon-intensive. According to NREL (the National Renewable Energy Laboratory), a PV module will produce enough clean energy in about four years to offset the energy required to manufacture it. After a module is manufactured and installed, it will be a zero-emissions energy source for the rest of its life (which, in the case of SunPower, can be 40 years).

The major manufacturing component of PV modules is silicon, one of the most abundant elements on earth. It is easily gathered from the top of the earth’s crust and is available all over the world, eliminating the need to transport heavy raw materials.

For example, a 10kW system, the average size of a system in the Coachella Valley, should produce the energy equivalent of 20-24 barrels of oil each year. This is like saving 20,000 pounds of carbon or greenhouse gas emissions. Another way to express this system’s beneficial attributes is to say the greenhouse gas emissions it offsets are equivalent to planting about 40 mature trees each year or driving your car about 14,000 miles less than you typically would in a year.

In the case of the solar system installed on the roof of Renova’s headquarters, the energy produced since it was installed in mid-2014 has generated enough energy to be equivalent to:

  • 1,800 trees grown for 10 years
  • 154,777 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions avoided
  • 249 pounds of nitrogen oxides emissions avoided
  • 577 pounds of sulfur dioxide avoided

In addition, it’s equivalent to 161,675 car miles not driven and 189 barrels of crude oil conserved.

That’s just one system. Imagine that multiplied by all the systems installed around the world that continue to accrue these benefits every year. Each system matters, and we can all do our part.

Ready to Do Your Part? Call Renova Energy

If you are ready to do your part in creating a safer, cleaner environment, call our Coachella Valley solar installation company right away. We will determine the best design for your solar panel system that will be both aesthetically pleasing and financially friendly. The best part? We will provide you with a free quote!

Contact the solar installation professionals in the Coachella Valley. Renova Energy is passionate about making a cleaner future!



By Published On: September 3, 2019

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