Since our founding in 2006, we’ve designed and installed more than 11,000 solar systems, many of which have batteries. And although the savings are a large motivator for choosing this alternative to polluting fossil fuel generation, I’m most proud of the environmental impacts we’re helping customers make.

With an average system size of 11kW, that means over 25 years (the length of the warranty), each system will keep 363 metric tons of CO2 out of our atmosphere. That’s equivalent to 909,951 car miles driven or planting 6,037 trees. And when you multiply the impact of one system by the 11,000 we’ve installed, the numbers are truly staggering. Just in terms of equivalent trees planted, the number is more than 66 million.

Even if you can’t or haven’t yet installed solar, the next time you’re driving around, give a quiet thanks to those who have for the good they’re doing for our environment.

By Published On: January 5, 2024

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