Switching to solar energy can be quite an investment, and our Coachella Valley, solar installation team, understands that. That is why we are here to present you with the seven questions you should be asking yourself before switching to solar!

Deciding to switch your home or business to solar energy is an important decision that requires dedicated time to weigh your options. At Renova Energy, our Coachella Valley solar installation team understands that you probably have many questions regarding your potential investment. We are here to help! Below, we have listed 7 questions you should ask yourself if you are considering moving to solar.

  1. Do I own my home?

You must own your home in order to have a solar panel system installed.

  1. Is my average electric bill from Southern California Edison at least $100 each month?

Solar savings start to make a substantial difference if your Southern California Edison electricity bill is at least $100 a month.

  1. Are there large portions of my roof where there is little to no shade?

A yard with many large trees shading your home means that solar panels that aren’t in direct sunlight for much of the day will not be able to perform to their maximum capacity.

  1. Do I pay taxes each year?

If you pay taxes every year, then a loan, purchase, or lease makes sense for you. If you do not pay taxes every year, you can still take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit indirectly with a lease.

  1. How long will I be in my home?

If you are planning to be in your home for at least five to eight more years, a loan or purchase can be beneficial to you since the solar system will likely pay for itself through your savings within that amount of time, and you can start enjoying free electricity. If you might be in your home for a shorter amount of time, a lease can start saving you money right away and can easily be transferred to a new owner.

  1. Do I have the funds to purchase a solar system?

There are several options for how to acquire a solar system. They include an outright purchase, a SunPower lease, which features $0 down and free installation, as well as fixed payments for 20 years. Similar $0 down/free installation options are also available with loans.

  1. Do I want to have electricity even during an outage?

Solar alone will have to turn off if there’s an electricity outage because it cannot send electricity to the grid as it would present a danger to workers. However, solar paired with one or more batteries means you would have electricity day and night, as the solar would power your home and charge your battery during the day, and the battery would power your home at night, without the electric company wires involved at all.

Our Coachella Valley Solar Team is Ready to Help You Save

Our Coachella Valley, solar energy team, is prepared to guide you through the steps of switching to solar. When you choose to work with us, you can guarantee we will answer every question and address every concern you may have. Let our team help you save big! Contact us today for a consultation!


By Published On: May 27, 2020

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