Looking to explore solar before the big summer bills hit? Know some questions to ask in order to evaluate the companies you’re considering.


If you are considering moving your home or business to solar, you may be wondering what questions you should be asking the different companies you are considering. At Renova Energy, we believe it is critical to choose the company that best fits your needs and energy goals. For this reason, we have created a list of 7 questions to ask various companies before choosing one for your solar installation project.

1. Are your headquarters local?

It’s important that the company you select has headquarters in your area. This will ensure the company is familiar with the city’s guidelines and regulations. Additionally, it ensures the company can immediately service your solar panel system in the event that something goes wrong. If a company’s headquarters are not local, you may find yourself waiting long periods of time before receiving service.

2. How long have you been in the Coachella Valley?

As you may know, the Coachella Valley is a relatively tight-knit community, making word-of-mouth referrals one of the most powerful forms of organic advertisement. Remember, you want to hire a solar installation company that the community respects and trusts. There is no better way to find a trustworthy solar installer in the Coachella Valley than finding one that has established itself in the area with a great reputation.

3. How experienced are you with local governments and planning departments?

A long-standing local company like Renova Energy knows all the ins and outs of city rules, regulations, and permits. In addition, because Renova Energy was founded in the Coachella Valley, we have a great understanding of various HOAs. To best service our customers’ needs, we have a complete after-the-sale division, RenovaPLUS, for solar panel cleaning and repairs.

4. What panel supplier are you using?

A solar system is only as good as the panels being used. Renova Energy recommends SunPower – the most advanced and efficient panel available – and from an American company with more than 800 solar patents. If you lease or loan through Renova Energy and SunPower, your financing will be through SunPower. Why have panels from one company, inverters from another, and your financing from a different one? We make it simple for you!

5. What is the warranty on the recommended solar panels and the inverters?

You look for a 25-year comprehensive warranty that automatically comes with the equipment, not one you have to remember to sign up for, or it gets reduced. Since SunPower solar panels have built-in inverters, the warranty is 25 years as well – for parts, labor, and shipping. Check the fine print on that with others. Also, it’s crucial that your solar company tell you what panel they are putting on your roof because you may have had those solar panels for 20 years.

6. How much of my electricity bill will be covered?

To be fully protected against rising utility costs, you need to strive for a 100% offset. Using high-efficiency panels, like SunPower panels, will allow you to make a sufficient amount of power with less panels, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing roof. The more efficient the panel and the more watts it produces, the fewer solar panels are necessary to produce the electricity you need. The more likely it is that the solar system will offset 100% of your energy needs.


7. Is the company licensed with CSLB? Are all the installers employees or subcontractors? Are they covered under Workman’s Comp insurance? Are their salespeople licensed by CSLB? 

You need to trust the people who are coming to your home, and the best way to do this is by checking the qualifications of the company you select. Do not be afraid to ask these important questions.

Hire Renova Energy-Coachella Valley’s Most Trustworthy Solar Energy Company

If you are ready to move to solar, call our Coachella Valley solar energy team at Renova Energy right away. We understand selecting a solar company can be stressful and time-consuming. That is why we stand ready to answer any questions you may have!

Call Renova Energy today, and let our team provide you with a free quote. We cannot wait to help you save!

By Published On: March 27, 2019

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