Renova Energy Corporation, the leading Coachella Valley solar installation company, was officially founded in 2006 by its CEO, Vincent Battaglia. Since then, Renova has grown to 250 employees with over 7,000 solar installations in the Coachella Valley. Most recently, Renova Energy has acquired its new location on the corner of Cook Street and Hovley Lane in Palm Desert, which will serve as the new Renova Energy Corporate Center in 2022!

We sat down with the CEO and Founder to look back at Renova Energy’s growth and what’s in store for the next 15 years! Join us for this quick but informative interview.

What Makes Solar Your Passion?

Vincent: I see it as less of a passion and more as a purpose. I’m a very purpose-driven person, especially when I can visualize a future. My purpose in solar started even before this company, and we’re getting closer every day to the vision I had all those years ago. That’s what gets me up in the morning — that in the future, we won’t take the sun for granted as a source of power and we’ll use it to benefit everyone.

After Living in Russia, What Did You Learn About Distributed Generation (DG) vs. the Centralized Utility Model?

Vincent: The Russians have what’s called a “centralized economy,” where the government controls everything from the baking and distribution of bread to the heating and distribution of water — the hub and spoke model. For a smaller, emerging society, it makes sense, but it doesn’t allow for newer and more efficient technologies to help the society evolve. People in Russia didn’t know how to integrate new technologies once Communism fell. Independence was not in their vocabulary. I brought my business savvy to individualized markets, which is what America is the best at doing.

Basically, when it comes to energy, solar and battery storage are the ultimate form of energy independence, a clean break from the centralized model where people are completely dependent on the utility for power.

What’s the Future of Renewable Energy?

Vincent: The future of renewable energy is a world where we focus our efforts on PV and battery storage, also known as microgrids. Tying in independent microgrids and networking them together will allow us to create self-sufficient communities that won’t fall from aging infrastructure, but instead will prosper. It’ll undo damage we’ve done from using nonrenewable resources and create a reliable power source at a lower cost.

Which Milestone of Renova Energy Are You Most Excited About?

Vincent: Opening a Corporate Center campus that Renovians and customers alike deserve, so we can better serve the Coachella Valley with solar installations and more.

What’s Next for Renova Energy?

Vincent: Expansion. The goal is to become the U.S. top microgrid (or, with Renova Energy) installer, especially in the Southwest region.

What’s the Biggest Advantage You’ve Seen for People Pairing Solar and Battery Storage?

Vincent: Peace of mind. As blackouts become more prevalent and as utility costs continue to rise and wildfire risk persists, people need that security. Adding solar and battery storage with Renova Energy provides that security of not only monthly savings, but backup power. People deserve that peace of mind for their families and for themselves.

To learn more about Renova Energy’s history, reach out to us at Renova Energy today! Our Coachella Valley solar experts are standing by, ready to answer your questions!

By Published On: November 1, 2021

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